Sex Ed Coaching

As parents, our job is to set our children up for success in life. To help them be grounded, and confident, so they can make the best choices possible at any given time.

Guiding them through the complex world of bodies, feelings, and relationships is a big part of this.  This is what we mean by sexuality education.

It is a very uncomfortable space for many adults. If we were not given open sex ed as children, or have struggled ourselves on this path in life, we often feel under equipped to help our children.  We may not have the language, the core knowledge, or we fear opening a can of worms and starting something we can’t stop.

There is a prevailing myth that talking about sex encourages it. All research, globally, shows that sex education protects our children; they make better choices, and are empowered to act when something is not right.

Age appropriate teaching and learning about sexuality and relationships is incredibly empowering.  And in younger kids, it’s a critical part of keeping them safe (protective behaviours).

The good news is, sexuality education can be fun, once you get your head around how to approach it.

Our coaching takes a step by step approach to support you in supporting your child.  Sexuality is something we are born with. Helping our children navigate the world of bodies, gender and relationships is a critical path to creating strong, healthy, grounded young adults who make good choices for themselves and others.

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