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Confidence, self-esteem and good decision making comes from knowledge and comfort in who we are.  

Sexuality and Relationship Support …
for parents of kids of all abilities, and for people with disabilities and their parents and carers. 

I work with parents and carers of children of all abilities to help you support your child in their sexuality, and to form safe, healthy relationships.

Sometimes this starts with developing your own knowledge, comfort and understanding around sexuality, so you are then able to help your child.  Many of us did not grow up with open conversations around our bodies and sexual expression, leaving us uncomfortable with the topic today, and unsure how to talk to our kids.

Abundant research shows that supporting your child’s sexual development with sound information paves the way for safer decision making around sex and relationships, on-line and off-line. Critically, it helps them protect themselves against predators.  It’s really important children receive the information in a way that makes sense to them. People with a disability often miss out because they may not understand the lesson, or someone has decided it’s not relevant information for them. Wrong!

Everyone is a sexual being and has relationships, and everyone needs factual education to support their journey for health and wellbeing. 

I work with parents and carers of people with disability – and the person with disability directly  – for support and understanding around sexuality and relationships, including protective behaviours. 

How does it work?

I use an educational, coaching-therapy approach in a person-centred, trauma-informed style.  Huh?  Simply put, I work with you sensitively in response to your unique needs and learning style, recognising the significance of this aspect of our selves.  

I see sexuality as an integral part of ourself that needs to integrate with our whole self, for a healthy, safe life. 

NDIS Plan?

You can use funds within your NDIS plan for non-NDIS registered providers if your Plan is self-managed –  please check with your plan manager. (I am not registered with the NDIS as the admin involved makes it time and cost prohibitive for a sole operator,)  

We connect online via Zoom or Skype, and home visits in the Fremantle area may be available on request. 

Drop us an email now to find out more. 

Michaela Southby M.Couns. PGDip. Sexol. B.A.Comms., M.A.C.A.

Michaela is a registered counsellor, sexologist and educator, with over a decade specialising in sexuality. She has a Masters of Counselling, Grad. Dip in Sexology, BAHons in Communication, and has trained in various therapeutic styles including ACT, CBT, solutions-focussed and narrative therapy. She uses these approaches eclectically to suit each client, and alongside education and coaching techniques.

She has a Cert IV in Training and Assessment and many years experience in training, facilitation, writing and management consultancy to organisations in various sectors. She has worked for significant agencies like Relationships Australia and SECCA (Sexuality, Education, Consultancy and Counselling Agency).

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