A Guide to Survive Grown and Flown

Many parents feel really despondent, lonely and anxious when their kid hits adulthood and leaves home. Whether Uni bound or starting their own new job, or family, the change can be profound.  With the sense of accomplishment for them and yourself, the joy and excitement, it’s still natural to feel down. For many, it’s a […]

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My Kid Left Home for Uni

My kid has been gone nearly a year. By my reckoning, we both got kind of used to the new way of things about six months in.  I felt she got settled then, which made me get settled then.   And my kid left two siblings behind, so I am not an empty nest candidate. […]

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Making Sense of Menopause

Why are things that are so natural, so innate to our being and biology, often so shrouded in mystery? The answer lies in patriarchy’s long history of power and control, that helped render the natural machinations of a female body – menstruation, sexual desire, child bearing – secret and shameful. Menopause has become something that […]

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